Qutub Minar : Tourism with tweaked History

We a group of six colleagues were set on a 10 km long cycle trip from luteyans Delhi.

As usual, when you call 30 of your colleagues to join you on any trip early in the morning, 20 of them will confirm to join, and on the final day in morning, 6 of them will appear.

Nonetheless, we, a group of 6 cycle and history enthusiasts reached the decided spot at Vijay Chowk sharp 0600 Hrs on Saturday.

Wading our cycles through the Luteyans Delhi, passing by many other cyclists on different journeys, after 20 minutes, reached Ring road intersection at AIIMS. There we took 5 minutes break to gather the team, starting again to hit the destination on set time of 0730 hrs.

Traffic in this part of city is a bit reluctant to give space to cyclists as considered somewhat inferior to bikes.

Finally we hit the destination on our target time with all team mates.

Ooooyaa…it’s a surprise, 6 more already waiting for us there in their cars..!!!

Now a team of 12, we contacted the resource person at the main gate, parked our cycles with locks and cars at the parking, bought tickets and entered the well known Qutub Minar Complex.

Though I have been born and brought up in Delhi, but not in any sense I m a Delhiite. I haven’t been inside the Qutub Minar Complex before this trip…!!!.

Setting my foot for the first time in the complex, a natural rush of blood was there as anticipated.

Before entering even we clicked lots and lots .. 😉

Before we reached,our front team arranged for all the things including refreshments for us and a treasure.. Guide.

The guide was a learned person, introduced us to the complex like his own house. He explained many historical facts about the place, including who built the tower, the masjid in the complex, all history of adjoining area and​ all.

But…but..but…wait a minute….y is that this Urdu or Persian thing appears like pasted on the wall ..?…I asked the guide with curiosity….the texture of walls of Qutub Minar and the writing on the wall ….seems …there is some incoherence…Colors are different…!!!

Why is it that there are no windows or jharokhaas visible in whole Minar…???….I asked again..he tried to give answers..but none of it could satisfy my inquisitiveness​….

Finally after explaining whole history he clicked an awesome shot for us with QM in thr background and emerging behind our back towards sky… fantastic shot…but it resembles like …a lotus….Y..???

Lotus hasen’t been seen anywhere in Mughal architecture..!!!!

All the things pointed towards Hindu architecture and mythology.

Moving further ahead, this person took whole lot of pain to introduce us to the complex…and more he told us about the history related to the complex…more we found it associated with the Hinduism and Jainism with traces of Ajanta and Ellora caves type architecture visible there.

Most exciting part was the stones used to build the entire complex.Many stones used had the images of Hindu and Jain figures engraved on them

After all the walking and discussion for an hour, finally was the tea session waiting for us.

We all had a great feast over tea sitting on the lawns and bid thanks to the guide and team.

Surely this place needs a visit of specialists from history departments and archilogical​ specialists around the world need to study it again with open mindset.

Don’t forget to have a look at the fossilized wood pieces. 

This two hours walk was refreshing enough for us to head back to our cy

For more info or any advice feel free to mail me at : ryudiaries@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “Qutub Minar : Tourism with tweaked History

  1. I don’t know whether it’s a fact or not but once one of my friend informed me that Britishers tried to shift/fetch the entire Minar, as it was, to another place. For shifting it they choose some walls and split the stones but the warrior Prithvi Raj Chauhan objected and get the same Minar back to its actual location.
    The stones rejoined again but the same structure couldn’t be constructed. That’s why when we try to read the statements over these walls we find ourselves helpless.


    1. If someone visits the complex, he will find that in one corner there is another piece of canopy like structure, referred to as Smith’s folly.That structure is basically the damaged top part of the Minar. Smith a British Army man basically tried to tweak the historical writings in favour of British by adding that extra part and giving credits of the Minar to British treasures like Mughals did to Hindu kings, but that part was later taken down by Governor General and placed there since then.


    2. Sir, with regards, I have not come across any of this sort of information documented anywhere.
      Moreover Prithviraj Chauhan and British belonged to a mutually exclusive era.
      If any authority would have tried to shift such a massive and old structure from its original place, it would have been nothing less than a technological blunder.


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