Going Indian Rail Ways

Kudos Indian Railways .. (y)

Proud of you people…

Travelling with Indian Railways has its own charm of unpredictability, but astonishing journeys are a luxury, which may befall on any traveller.

Jammu (Tawi) to Katra (Sri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra), is one such track made possible by the Railways which is enough to change the perception of any person who has traveled with Indian Railways before.

I had my this share of journey with family and extended family beginning from Delhi. Everything was perfect except that half of our tickets were in waitlisted category…things followed up…we started and those who start generally reach somewhere. We all landed up at Jammu Tawi in morning. Now there was a decision to be taken, road or railway again,… This Jammu to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra route is recently inaugurated and it’s my first visit to the state. We placed our bet on Railways and bought tickets upto SVDK. Train was as expected a bit late, infact late by two hours for the remaining journey of two hours….it would have been best if we had our train from Delhi to Katra directly.

This direct train route upto SVDK was the first major project inaugurated by Modi Government.

Now we are in final leg of our Journey to Katra but the most beautiful one is about to begin now. Siren blows, we all managing hard to get inside and we are in by the time train is starting to move.

Familiar music of train changing tracks starts flowing, passing by valley scenery.

Sholay Moments coming alive, those who are born in 1970s and 80s are familiar of this Sholay Moment of train running between mountains with dacoity scene.

Passing through mountains and over bridges built over tributaries of Tapi river the views are stunning. Plush greenery of Jammu valley is magnetic. Now comes the tunnel, passing through tunnels has always been childhood thing, reliving once again. Security checkpost with gun men have been installed to avoid any armed incident.

Passing through around 30 bridges and somewhat 20 tunnels one by one, nothing short of the engineering marvel made possible by Indian Railways and Engineering, we all are mesmerized. Track is kept clean always by the efforts of railways and natives. No doubt that penetration of railways will boost the local economy and connection made easy with the rest of the country. This railway project  around 60 kms long was built by Indian Government at an estimated cost of about 1100 crore INR. The tallest bridge being 85 metres high and longest tunnel somewhat 3 kms long.

Reaching Katra station (SVDK) is equally enjoyable with station equipped with modern facilities​ including tourist guide counters, cloak room, waiting hall, VIP lounge, escalators and lifts. No vendor stalls are allowed on platform making it clean and hassle free and easy for travellers to board and deboard the destination train cruising the crowd.

This railway station is beautiful and we’ll managed to be clean and easy for tourists. Lot of parking space and open area has been left for convenience of travellers.

Taking memories along and finally getting out from Katra railway station was an experience to talk about for years and playing superior card with fellow travelers… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Going Indian Rail Ways

  1. Though not physically but mentally, I also travelled with you. Description of journey was fine but it should havE been documented with the scenic beauty coming in the way. Photos have their own charm. JAI MATA DI.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u sir for providing your valuable feedback.
      There was nothing sort of a particular purpose for the writing, rather, to share the experiences of a traveller in the making.


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